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Night Vision Products

Night Vision Goggles AN/PVS–5B   M912A/M915A

These systems are improved versions of the US Military AN/PVS-5B. Completely self-contained night vision systems, they provide passive viewing capability under moonlit or starlit conditions. Both systems utilize two 18mm image intensified tubes; the M912A features GEN II versions, the M915A features GEN IIPLUS versions for improved gain. Both systems operate on two standard "AA" batteries.
Kits include the complete goggle assemby, operator's manual, lens paper, head strap assembly, "AA" battery and custom carrying case designed to accommodate the entire kit.
Available options include:

  1. Night vision compatible cockpit light
  2. Shared apeture filter
  3. Minus blue filter
  4. GM-6 mount1
  5. GEN IIPLUS interchangeable image intenifier module
  6. Demist shield
  7. Sacrificial filter
  8. Daylight training filter
  9. GEN II image intensifier module
  10. Eyeguard

1 Converts this PVS-5 style night vision goggle to ANVIS (helmet mounted) configuration. Requires ANVIS battery pack for power.


Mini Night Vision Weapon Site – Aquila III

The Aquila III is an upgraded design of the Aquila I Mini weapon site, and features a new family of objectives and an afocal which allows the use of one basic night vision system to be customized for a variety of individual and crew served weapons. Aquila III is id offered with either a GEN II or GEN III image intensifier. The objectives and afocal lenses are the same as with the new AN/PVS-10 for commonality of spare parts. The system can be ordered as either 4x, 6x, or 4x with screw-on afocal to acheive 6x magnification. It is constructed of high trength aluminum to withstand the most rugged environments. Mounting for a wide range of weapons with common systems such as STANAG or Weaver is available, as are custom mounts. The system perates n two "AA" batteries.


US Army Night Sight – AN/PVS-4

The AN/PVS-4 was originally designed and manufactured under a U.S. Army contract, with a 25mm GEN II image intensifier tube. It has continually been improved, and today it can be fitted with a GEN III drop in image tube that significantly improves system performance.
The AN/PVS-4 is suitable for use with 5.56mm and 7.62mm rifles, light and medium machine guns, rocaket and grenade launchers. The system reticle is matched to weapon use at manufacture.
The standard system features 3.7x magnification, 14.5 field of view and a focus range of 25mm to infinity. It operates on two standard "AA" batteries.
The system includes an owner's manual, lens brush, lens paper, daylight cover, two "AA" batteries, a transit case and carrying case.

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